Navatar Uses


Make your clients feel special by creating outstanding VR and fully interactive presentation of your projects in few clicks.


Make it possible for your clients to walk through your property from anywhere they are just by using their smartphone.(VR Headset,Desktop etc)


Make it possible for your clients to visit your showroom, and get in every car you have,from anywhere they are, just by using their smartphone (VR Headsets)


You have limited seats in your hall? No problem, create virtual seats ticket for your match, and give outstanding experience from their home using VR headset


Create fully interactive presentations of hospital spaces, medical processes,and or create immersive 3D or real simulations of emergencies in hospital and large workplaces in hospitals.


Great opportunity for students, educators, educational institutions to create and learn by using VR and interactiv presentations & virtual seats for students who can't attend classes.

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Navatar Features

Completely cloud based

No installation or configuration required. Navatar is a cloud based app, and you can have access in it from all smart devices.

Easy to Use

Along with easy access to it, Navatar is a very easy app to work with, because it's meant to be for everyone.

Drag and drop options

You can create amazing projects in your Dashboard in few clicks by draging and droping options.

Search filters

We have also added dynamic slide search filters to make searching easier for you.

Easily costumized

Full customization,and white label options for your projects. (Change logo,colors,link in your domain).

Selections Tools and Actions

You can select everything in your screen thanks to our Selection Tool, which provides you to make custom shapes for and add actions to your selections (Such as, link it with an URL,image,audio)

For Investors

Navatar is looking for investors who want to join our mission. The investment period in our application is now OPEN The initial amount we need at this moment is 50,000 Euro If you are a potential investor and would like to know more about our application and mission, contact us at

Meet the Team

Meet the faces behind our project. Our team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom solutions to the problem. They work so hard to provide best to their customers


Trim Syla

CO Founder/ 3D Generalist

Alban Asllani

CO Founder/ Software Developer


Marigona Berisha


Lirigzon Asllani

Social Media / Finances

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